What Bullionix is About

Rare-earth materials are not limited to metals in mountains. Courage, wisdom, and persistence are also in too short of supply. Bullionix celebrates those brave enough to speak up and wise enough to lead with solutions based in positivity and optimism.

The way we celebrate happens to be via some of the most exciting, freedom promoting technologies available today. The Ethereum blockchain, Digix smart gold, and non-fungible tokens are the tools we needed to create a one-of-a-kind gold mint.

Bullionix is a decentralized gold mint where everyone can participate in the process from start to finish.

Two sides to every coin.

Taking a look at the world’s cryptocurrencies, one will realize each of these coins are only half of what their real-world counterparts are. Quite literally! What’s on the other side of that Bitcoin?

Bullionix users create beautiful, double-sided cryptocurrencies that are truly backed by gold. This is only possible thanks to our unique smart contracts that enable anyone to stake Digix’s DGX tokens (1 gram of audited 100% backed gold per DGX) to our non-fungible tokens.

Interact with your collection

When we set out to build Bullionix, we committed to designing the kind of intuitive experience we ourselves were looking for in crypto.

Intuition + simplicity = joy

That’s where our Display Case comes from. Simple and fun, the Display Case is designed to be the perfect conversation starter for the crypto curious. You can put your collection in anyone’s hands, abstract out the blockchain tech, and showcase your Bullionix collection.

“But crypto isn’t backed by anything,” they say.

To which you reply, “Well here, hold my phone. See this beautiful 3D coin? That coin will live forever on the blockchain and represents 5 grams of gold literally staked to it through the power of code.”

Zoom in. Zoom out. Flip it over. Read up on the artist that created it. Pass the phone around.

Great demonstrations are the first use case, but in truth, we can enjoy our gold collection more than ever before without needing to share with anyone.

Digix Global’s DGX smart gold is a breakthrough in so many ways. Your gold is secure, audited, and spendable through their powerfully innovative system.

Bullionix builds on that by reintroducing the joys of collecting. Now your smart gold has limited editions, powerful designs, and stories to share.


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